Two (long) excerpts of "Gangrene" are online on page number 5.

The next Mirrorthrone album is nearly out! It is entitled "Gangrene" and features six songs for over one hour of music. You can already view the album cover and read the lyrics in the sections 3 and 4. Sound samples and the official release date will come soon. Expect that in the coming days.

This is an answer to the polemic which is current at the moment on the Internet. No, Mirrorthrone is NOT racist, nazi, white pride or whatever you call it. The lyrics of the song "A Scream to Express the Hate of a Race" target the human race in its entirety. It attacks what is called the "nihilism" of a certain form of society that has been spreading around the globe and that envelops the "moral, social, religious and scientific" paradigms. I am not going to develop more for my aim is not to offer text analysis of what I have written; I only want to clarify the situation. Please read and understand at least a minimum before commenting.

My webhost suspended's account last week for very obscure reasons. They finally reopened it but blocked some of my scripts, pretending they were "malicious"... Anyway, this explains the bugs you may have encountered here and there. I have rewritten them and everything should be fixed now. I just hope the next news will be about music and not about goddamn spam or paranoid webservers.

The guestbook has been lately flooded by spam messages. I have coded a bothersome protection to block them, which will force human users to copy a small randomly generated code into a field to inform the script that they are real humans and that their message is a real one and not a spambot's one. Sorry about that annoyance. Spammers should be publicly beheaded.

Quite a few people contacted me lately to know where they could get the latest Mirrorthrone album because they couldn’t find it in their usual store. If you are in the same position, the best is to ask to your local dealer if there is no way for him/her to order it. Another option is to order it online, either directly from Red Stream or from some other eshop. Here are a few random links where the CD is currently available: Red Stream, The End Records,, and finally in Europe : Firebox.

The lyrics of Carriers of Dust are now available in the "Whispers" section.

French release date for Carriers of Dust: 10th of April 2006. The album is already out in the rest of the world. Four reviews of the new album have been added to the media section.

The release date of the new album "Carriers of Dust" has been set to the 26th of January 2006.

Mirrorthrone has now an official Myspace page. Add it to your friendlist!

A nearly full MP3 [9min02, 8’470 kb/s] of the song A Scream to Express the Hate of a Race, extracted from the coming album Carriers of Dust, is now available for download on the sample page. This should give you a pretty good idea of how the album will sound like [direct download].

Cover and track list for the new Mirrorthrone album "Carriers of Dust" to be released in January 2006 now available on the discography pages.

After the acclaimed debut album “Of Wind and Weeping”, Mirrorthrone will strike back this Winter 2006 with the enigmatically entitled “Carriers of Dust.” Musically, this latest recording is an instable stream where extremities tend to gather constantly; hence the unusual cohabitation of powerful and epic tones alternating with suicidal and desperate colors. Keeping the radical Romantic and Baroque base lead by a blasting extreme metal pace that had built the identity of the previous release, this new opus integrates more diverse influences which give an almost progressive taste to the music. Benefiting from a massively improved production (especially on the drum level) this new release should convince all those who remained skeptic with the debut album.

“Carriers of Dust” directs its resentment towards two conflictive poles. On the first hand it spites venom against a general, pseudo demiurgic and blindfolded post-modern movement. In its revolutionary haste, this movement denied all rules set by nature’s pulse and therefore misses its aim and leads a decadent humanity towards wretched existence. On the other hand, it attacks the pseudo intellectual opponents that pretend to rise against this depraved cause. Using primitive, harsh and empty concepts actually unifies them with their antagonist points of view, since both are born from the same tactless agitation.

Mostly sung in French and composed of evolving long tracks, “Carriers of Dust” will target the heart of its listener and rip it savagely until no more tears can ease the pain. Each listening will be an initiative journey revealing hostile and unexpected surroundings.

I have started the recording of the new Mirrorthrone album. So far, nothing is planned besides that it will be released some day by Red Stream. About the music: the songs are somewhat longer and more complex than those of the previous release. I am still programming the drums and not using a human drummer as many advised me, but this time the result is way more natural; at least that’s what I think. Once again I am recording at home on my own material. More soon.

For whatever reason, the MP3 download script wasn’t working again. You were still able to download the samples, but their name and extension were mistaken. I fixed it, everything should work normally now.

Reviews of "Of Wind and Weeping" were added to the media sections.

The host has modified the website server properties without notifying me. Those modifications implied a few bugs here and there but most importantly, the impossibility of downloading the MP3s. Every of those errors should be fixed now.

I have just released a new album with my brutal black death project Weeping Birth: A Painting of Raven and Rape is finally out. More information on

Watch out for the limited time offer in the merchandising section! Big discount!

"Of Wind and Weeping" is out now! Purchase it through Red Stream! Watch out for the limited edition released in a high quality slipcase cover!

Mirrorthrone signed a record deal with the American label Red Stream [Bethlehem, Bloodthorn, Himinbjorg, Krieg, Necrophagia, Skepticism and more...]. A full length CD will be released in the coming weeks. Its name will be "Of Wind and Weeping" and will contain 8 tracks for a total playing time of more than 50 minutes. It will contain the four tracks of the promo demo "Of Wind and Weeping [demo]" plus four new tracks, two of them being pre-recording versions of songs that will be featured on the next Mirrorthrone release. More news very soon!

The website has also been redesigned and has a new address: Please update your bookmarks and links.

One new review from Ablaze [Germany] added. Many many thanks to Stefan "Hallucinator" for sending me the text and taking the time to translate it from German into English!

Some more reviews (Lost in Time, Pull the Chain and Leprozy) added on the Media pages. I am waiting for one or two more [such as the Ablaze one] to start my promotion so as to find a label. Please, if you find a review that I don't have, I would be really grateful if you could send it to me...

On Saturday, I started recording the first 9 tracks demo of Unholy Matrimony [my true black metal project]. For those who are interested, more information is and will be available here:

As well, thank you to all those who wrote me so as to get a copy of "Of Wind and Weeping [demo]" but as the CD hasn't been released yet (only on CD-R for promotion), I won't have anything to sell before a little while. Please be patient and write in the guestbook that you are interested in purchasing a copy, so that I don't lose your name and address. Thank you.

It has been a while since I haven't updated this page... Well this was due to the fact that the FTP of my host wasn't working. I had the same problem with the pages of Weeping Birth and Unholy Matrimony so don't think I am dead, it's just that I cannot upload...

Anyway, I added a bunch of new reviews in the media section.

To be mentioned too: the song "The Notion of Perfect" has appeared on the Mephisto compilation. Thanx Rno!

New review published on the Obsküre webzine added. I have here that I will post online as soon as possible: updating this site takes quite a lot of time. I wanted to thank again all the people around the world informing me about the new reviews, I am very grateful.

I changed the DHTML board that's on the Entrance page into a flash one.

New review from Decibels Storm.

New review from

New review from

New review from Metallian added.

A new review from the French underground zine No Noise No Good was posted on the media pages.

The two MP3s were down: I think I made a wrong manipulation a few days ago. The problem is fixed now. Mea culpa.

Review added on the media pages.